blank generation (elw00d) wrote,
blank generation

forever 21

i was always wary of forever 21. for those of you oblivious to the name, it's basically a trendy teen girl store. once i bought a green corduroy jacket there. once ellen, eva and i went to one in chicago and they played brendan benson and it threw me off a lot.

anyway, for me, forever 21 was always on the same level as rave and deb. i.e. any store targeting young women at macomb mall. trashy, camo, rhinestones, tube tops.

that's why i'm confused. since when does forever 21 consistantly have cute stuff that i'd want to wear?

which brings me to the following: a close reading of the retail offered at forever 21.

exhibit a: dresses

i really like wearing dresses. more than pants. i feel weird wearing pants. and t-shirts. i can't wear t-shirts either.

with the exception of a few terrible, terrible forever 21's selection of dresses is pretty amazing. for the good dresses they seem to like sticking to the whole knee lenght/empire waist formula.

exhibit b: shirts

since i don't like wearing t-shirts, shirts in general are a sensitive subject. a lot of these are button downs or tank tops, which is good.

here it seems to be either hit or miss, as shown by the "got god?" shirt above. yeah, yeah, the asians who own forever 21 are big christians. apparently they even put "john 3:16" on the bottom of their bags. it doesn't bother me that much though. i actually sort of enjoy how casually they'll include a "got god?" shirt with the rest of their trendy teen merchandise. at least it doesn't say bAbY gUrL :*.

also, a lot of the shirts they have are overtly trendy and 80s. i didn't feel like including them.

exhibit c: prices

yeah, basically nothing's over $30. i dig that. i wonder if that means they employ crazy child labor in some foreign country. gosh, i hope not.

in conclusion:

i really need to drive to lakeside mall and go to forever 21. sure, they may still carry things like the , but they're still not deb. who's up?
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